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Girls that would Kick Ass in the Apocalypse

Cameron — Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles

Cameron — Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles

We all know how important females are in the Post-Apocalypse. Without them we will be unable to pro-create and our race will diminish that much faster. Usually it’s up to us men to protect them with our interests in weapons, physical strength and Epic prowess. But if you’re lucky, your girl will be protecting you too when the SH*T goes down. So guys, make sure to take care of them ladies out there. Without them there’s no point in surviving. ^__^

So here is a list I put together of Girls that could kick some major ass. Girls that we all would hope to have on our team if the end was near. Enjoy! ^__~

Fox — Wanted — Angelina Jolie

Fox — Wanted — Angelina Jolie


Wanted — Angelina Jolie

As a member of a secret league of assassins, Fox has the ability to bend the path of bullets. Angelina Jolie has played her fair share of impressive heroine’s in the past, but Fox takes the cake.


Trinity — The Matrix — Carrie-Anne Moss

Trinity — The Matrix — Carrie-Anne Moss


The Matrix — Carrie-Anne Moss

Trinity was our initial exposure to the world that is The Matrix with the opening of the first film as she took down several enemies and leapt tall buildings with a single bound. Little did we know, that was only the beginning of several bullet-time action sequences to come. She would be extremely helpful if the world got taken over by computers and Artificial Intelligence.


Selene — Underworld — Kate Beckinsale

Selene — Underworld — Kate Beckinsale


Underworld — Kate Beckinsale

She is proficient with many weapons, both medieval and modern. Modern firearms that she uses include the Walther P99 and a variety of automatic machine pistols. In both films, she is seen jumping from a ledge at least one hundred feet and landing without injury. Sadly, she wouldn’t help much in the pro-creation department but can definitely kick ass. However due to her being a vampire would have a totally different menu of items on her survival food checklist. >__<


Cameron — Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles — Summer Glau

Cameron — Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles — Summer Glau

Cameron Phillips

Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles — Summer Glau

Another female that fails to create human life. But she’s a frakkin Terminator… need I say more.


Abigail Whistler — Blade Trinity — Jessica Beal

Abigail Whistler — Blade Trinity — Jessica Beal

Abigail Whistler

Blade Trinity — Jessica Beal

Just in case Selene is not on your side in a Vampire Post-Apocalypse. Abigail is a very serious and skilled fighter, one of the best in the Nightstalkers unit. She is a master-class archer and uses some modified arrows against vampires. She also wields an hypertechnological UVA arrow, which she uses as a sword for slicing vampires in two. And yes… she can make babies. That’s a plus for Humans. ^__^


Hit-Girl — Kick-Ass — Chloë Grace Moretz

Hit-Girl — Kick-Ass — Chloë Grace Moretz


Kick-Ass — Chloë Grace Moretz

Hit-Girl probably kicks more ass than any other character in Kick-Ass—and she’s only 11 years old. The daughter of cop-turned-vigilante Big Daddy, Hit-Girl is a foul-mouthed fighter with an affinity for blades.