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DIY Pre Post Apocalypse Survival Kit Backpack

The Book of Eli — Denzel Washington

The Book of Eli — Denzel Washington — I Wonder what kind of goodies are in his backpack? LOLz

I know I talk a lot about zombie survival, alien invasions and other crazy Apocalyptic scenarios, but most of that is to keep a somewhat serious topic (human survival) to more of a fun level. I think we all know though the possibilities of a complete collapse of civilization. An Apocalypse that would be caused by none other than us humans (nuclear warfare, viral epidemic… etc.) It would be an era of survivors vs other survivors. The “haves” and the “have-nots”. If you have something someone else wants desperately, they will fight for it, or even kill for it. So you will need to be prepared. The truth is that if you are more prepared than your opponent then you’ll have a bigger chance to win and survive another day.

So I’ve decided to share a list of items I have in my personal Post Apocalypse survival kit. A survival kit you can simply put together yourself and may already have a few of the items in your home. Some other items may take a little time to acquire but is worth having on the list. Trust me on it. ^__^

A few other tips to add: build a team (this is not a movie where you kick everyone’s ass on your own), stay in shape (nobody will turn away a strong arm and useful pair of legs), learn survival skills (like making a fire, nobody will invest in someone without any skills), learn to think critically and tactically (Stay sharp). Try to go camping or hiking every so often, to test your skills of survival in the wilderness.

DIY Pre Post Apocalypse Survival Kit List

  • A Medium Sized Duffle Bag or Survival Backpack: To hold all the contents I’m about to list so you can just grab and go if needed.
  • A Metal Container or Survival Tin: Those Maxwell House gourmet coffee tins work. The container should be metal so it can be used to heat water over a campfire. You can also store your smaller items in it.
  • Duct TapeIt’s waterproof and can hold almost anything together. It can help you build many functional things as shown on Mythbusters. ^__^ Duct tape also works great when you don’t have a triangular bandage: it holds on dressings, works well for fastening a splint, etc.
  • Emergency Blanket (Thermal blankets): These are those little aluminium- looking blankets you can buy at any camping store. They are good for making into an emergency shelter, keeps you warm, and is reflective (i.e. can be spotted from aircraft…. if you want to be found).
  • Paracord Rope: For tying things down, lashing tents, and tying up bad guys.
  • Waterproof Matches (stormproof matches): For starting fires, of course!
  • Fire Starter Kit (Flint Striker): Also for starting fires!
  • Survival Knife: A blade always comes in handy! For cutting branches or defending yourself.
  • LED Flash Light: Make sure to have some extra batteries.
  • Candle Stub: Makes a great fire starter, and can keep you warm in an enclosed space if you can’t light a fire.
  • Band-aids: Always have one or two (or three or four…)
  • Energy Bars (food ration): Have a couple in your kit for backup if your food source is running low and you need that extra energy.
  • Survival Water: So you can drink when you’re thirsty. A person should have at least 1 gallon of water per day. So finding water is your 1st priority!
  • Large Safety Pins or Fish Hooks: for fishing
  • Small Safety Pins: Good for holding slings together, etc.
  • Fishing Line: To use with fish hook for fishing, or to make into snares for animals.
  • Piece of Crayon: Will act as a fire starter
  • Baking Soda: A little of this mixed with water will help rehydrate a dehydrated person; mixed into a thick paste it helps on mosquito bites and bee stings.
  • Rubber Gloves: Anytime you’re administering first aid to someone, you should wear gloves!
  • Antiseptic Wipes: To clean out cuts etc.
  • First Aid Gauze: For any larger cuts.
  • Tinfoil: Can be used in lieu of a mirror to signal planes or boats, and takes up less space. Can also be modified into a water carrier if needed.
  • Water Purifying Tablets: These will help purify your drinking water… check their expiry date, most tablets are only good for a year or so once the bottle’s been opened.

Keep in mind that this survival kit list is for last minute emergency situations. Something easy enough so you can grab and go and is your life support till you find new resources. I would recommend you make a survival kit for each member of your family just to be extra safe. Best of luck and I hope you never need to use it. ^__^

Example of Emergency Grab-n-go Survival Backpack

Example of Emergency Grab-n-go Survival Backpack

They also have some premade survival kits and survival backpacks if that makes it easier for you. You can see some of them here.

For a more extensive list of survival items. You can checkout my Post Apocalypse Survival Checklist.

Credit for some items on this list goes to: Dragon’s Guiding Resource Center