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The Last of Us Movie Adaptation

11 Mar 2014 / 0 Comments / in Apocalypse Cool Stuff


Sony is working with Naughty Dog to make their PS3 hit The Last of Us into a movie? YES!

Naughty Dog bosses Evan Wells and Christophe Balestra are teaming up with Evil Dead director Sam Raimi for the film, and The Last of Us directors Neil Druckmann and Bruce Staley will be involved as well.

This is the logline from Deadline:

Hardened survivor Joel teams with young and capable companion Ellie to journey through a radically transformed world some 20 years after an infectious pandemic ravages humanity. The game has won numerous awards and has been a big seller since its release last summer.

the-last-of-us last7 last6 last5 last4 last3 last2 last1 Last of Us

My Top Post Apocalyptic HD Wallpapers and Artwork 2014

06 Feb 2014 / 0 Comments / in Apocalypse Cool Stuff

Here are some of my personal favorite post apocalyptic wallpaper cityscape images. I am not sure of all the artists that created these but I think they are absolutely stunning artwork and want to share it with you all. You can find more cool Post Apocalypse stuff my top 100 items list to help you survive when the time comes. :)

chanofamerica-apoc-01 chanofamerica-apoc-02 chanofamerica-apoc-03 chanofamerica-apoc-04 chanofamerica-apoc-05 chanofamerica-apoc-06 chanofamerica-apoc-08 chanofamerica-apoc-09 chanofamerica-apoc-10 chanofamerica-apoc-11 chanofamerica-apoc-12 chanofamerica-apoc-13 chanofamerica-apoc-14


If you like zombies. Check out my post on how to survive a Zombie Apocalypse here. :)


Apocalypse Tomorrow 2012 Pin Up Girls Calendar

Apocalypse Tomorrow 2012 Calendar

Apocalypse Tomorrow 2012 Calendar

Stumbled upon this Post Apocalypse Pin Up girl calendar designed by artist Andrew Tarusov. Every month is a different version of Dooms Day. I thought it was pretty frakkin cool so I figured I’d share a few pics with you all. Enjoy! ^__^

These are some of my favorites. You can see more at

Apocalypse Tomorrow 2012 Calendar January

Apocalypse Tomorrow 2012 Calendar January

Apocalypse Tomorrow 2012 Calendar March

Apocalypse Tomorrow 2012 Calendar March

Apocalypse Tomorrow 2012 Calendar April

Apocalypse Tomorrow 2012 Calendar April

Apocalypse Tomorrow 2012 Calendar August

Apocalypse Tomorrow 2012 Calendar August

Apocalypse Tomorrow 2012 Calendar September

Apocalypse Tomorrow 2012 Calendar September

Apocalypse Tomorrow 2012 Calendar October

Apocalypse Tomorrow 2012 Calendar October

Powering up before the Apocalypse

Solar Panels

Double Sun Power!!!!!!! No, I’m not talking about the Old Spice Odor blocker… I’m talkin’ about backing up the power of the sun, sucka! If the Apocalypse does happen we may have power for the first couple of days, weeks if we’re lucky. Since no one will be working at the power plants we will have to figure out how to get energy ourselves. So what better energy source than the sun. Since that’s not going anywhere any time soon.

So I’ve decided to list a couple of Solar battery charging options for you guys. In case you wanted to listen to your iPod, recharge your Kindle, or even hook up your PS3 and play some FALLOUT 3 to make sure your Post-Apocalypse skills are top notch. ^__~

Fallout 3

Fallout 3

US Military Solar Tent

US Military Solar Tent

These are some great Solar kits that are easy to setup on your own.

1. Sunforce 50048 60-Watt Solar Charging Kit

2. Sunforce 39810 80-Watt High-Efficiency Polycrystalline Solar Panel with Sharp Module

3. Sunforce 50022 5-Watt Solar Battery Trickle Charger

4. Sunforce 22005 12-Volt MotoMaster Eliminator Folding Solar Panel

5. Opteka BP-SC4000 Ultra Thin Solar Powered High Capacity (4000mAh) Backup Battery and Charger for Cell Phones, iPhone, iPod, and Most USB Powered Devices

6. Sunforce 37126 260W Crystalline Solar Kit

My Top 10 Survival Knives

Survival Knives

Probably the single most important tool you should have in your survival gear is a knife. And not any ordinary knife. I’m talking bout a heavy duty blade with a tang that extends into the handle. Made from high quality stainless or carbon steel. A good knife blade should have some thickness to it and not flex and should make you feel like a Bad-Ass when you’re holding it. ^__^

With a good survival knife you can cut tree limbs to start a fire, use for constructing shelter, prepare game that you have caught and most importantly defend yourself from enemies. Is probably why we’ve been using knife-like tools since the Stone age roughly 2 and a half million years or so. haha.

SOG F03T-N Jungle Primitive

SOG F03T-N Jungle Primitive

Here are my Top 10 survival Knives:

1. Smith & Wesson SW3B Special Ops M-9 Bayonet Special Force Knife, Black

2. KA-BAR Full Size US Marine Corp Fighting Knife, Straight

3. United Cutlery Combat Commander Boot Knife with Shoulder Sheath, Black

4. Smith & Wesson CKSURG Homeland Security Tanto Knife, Green

5. Ka-Bar 2-1245-1 Black Tanto Knife

6. Smith & Wesson CKSUR1 Bullseye Search and Rescue Fixed Blade Knife

7. Gerber 31-000751 Bear Grylls Survival Series Ultimate Knife, Serrated Edge

8. Ka-Bar Black Kukri Machete

9. SOG Specialty Knives & Tools F03T-N Jungle Primitive, Black Hardcased

10. Gerber 31-000698 Bear Grylls Survival Series Parang, With Nylon Sheath

Kick-Ass Blades from

17 Apr 2012 / 0 Comments / in Survival Gear, Weapons
The Vakra from

The Vakra from

No matter how many bullets you try to stock up on for your guns. There will be no other weapon better than a good blade. A weapon that can defeat hordes of zombies or frenzied, starving humans desperate to kill for that last can of Spam in your pack. Because when the SH*T goes down we’re not talking about how will you survive for a couple of days but more like a couple of years and you will definitely run out of bullets by then if all you had was your trusty sidearm.

So I’d like to introduce you all to a group of zombie-apocalypse fanatics based out of Missoula, Montana.

Joey Arbour: Master-at-Arms
Chris Lombardi: Minister of Propaganda
Maxon McCarter: Chief of Surgery
Rob Lawlor: New Wave Ninja

Clay Cooper: (military adviser)
Wes Saint John: (artist)
Corey: (shop monkey)

Their motto:

We are swordsmen and metalsmiths who create blades, and soon, other gear, that will increase your odds of surviving a zombie apocalypse.

And they are mad serious. No joke. They make some kick-ass blades and I’m going to share with you their process on how they are made.

Using American made steel and aluminum this is their basic process:

  1. We cut the basic sword shape out of bars of quality 5160 spring steel. 5160 is one of the best steels to use for longer blades like ours as it is more durable and less prone to breakage than other steels (like stainless).
  2. For some of our blade models, we will then heat and hammer the blade into shape.
  3. We grind the blade to within 20% of its final edge, and give the blade its “distal taper,” the gradual reduction of blade material from its handle to its point, which reduces weight and gives it its balance.
  4. We then heat the blade to just above 1500 degrees and quench it in oil. This hardens the blade. We then put the blades in a tempering kiln to take them back up to around 450 degrees, which tempers it, or returns flexibility to the blade. The blade is then cleaned and polished.
  5. Next, we cut our basic handle shapes from T6 aluminum, we attach the handle with steel pins, and then sculpt the handle to its final shape using grinders and files.
  6. Finally, the blade is spattered with a beeswax/tar concoction and painted with ferric chloride acid which etches a pattern into the blade.

You can order blades from them at their website They give an estimated time of about 4-5 weeks to build your blade and also do custom work upon request.

Now check out some of these kick-ass pics. ^__^


Top 100 Items to Disappear First During A National Emergency

17 Apr 2012 / 0 Comments / in Top 100 Items

Survival Items and Tools

I’m not saying this is the best list to go by for a Post-Apocalyptic event since these items are still somewhat basic and not for extremely long-term disasters, but it still has some really great items that you should think about stock piling soon. According to experts these are the first 100 items to disappear during a national emergency. Enjoy! ^__^

1. Generators (Good ones cost dearly. Gas storage, risky. Noisy…target of thieves; maintenance etc.)
2. Water Filters/Purifiers
3. Portable Toilets
4. Seasoned Firewood. Wood takes about 6 – 12 months to become dried, for home uses.
5. Lamp Oil, Wicks, Oil Lamps (First Choice: Buy CLEAR oil. If scarce, stockpile ANY!)
6. Coleman Fuel. Impossible to stockpile too much.
7. Guns, Ammunition, Pepper Spray, Knives, Clubs, Bats & Slingshots.
8. Can openers, & hand egg beaters, whisks, kitchen utensils.
9. Honey/Syrups/white, brown sugar
10. Rice – Beans – Wheat
11. Vegetable Oil (for cooking) Without it food burns/must be boiled etc.,)
12. Charcoal, Lighter Fluid (Will become scarce suddenly)
13. Water Containers (Urgent Item to obtain.) Any size. If Small: HARD CLEAR PLASTIC ONLY – note – food grade if for drinking.
16. Propane Cylinders (Urgent: Definite shortages will occur.)
17. Survival Guide Book.
18. Mantles: Aladdin, Coleman, etc. (Without this item, longer-term lighting is difficult.)
19. Baby Supplies: Diapers/formula. ointments/aspirin, etc.
20. Washboards, Mop Bucket w/wringer (for Laundry. If this is a long term disaster. Remember to use water sparringly)
21. Cook Stoves (Propane, Coleman & Kerosene)
22. Vitamins
23. Propane Cylinders and Handle-Holders (Urgent: Small canister use is dangerous without this item)
24. Feminine Hygiene/Haircare/Skin products.
25. Thermal underwear (Tops & Bottoms)
26. Bow saws, axes and hatchets, Wedges (also, honing oil)
27. Aluminum Foil Reg. & Heavy Duty (Great Cooking and Barter Item)
28. Gasoline Containers (Plastic & Metal)
29. Garbage Bags (Impossible To Have Too Many).
30. Toilet Paper, Kleenex, Paper Towels
31. Milk – Powdered & Condensed (Shake Liquid every 3 to 4 months)
32. Garden Seeds (Non-Hybrid) (A MUST)
33. Clothes pins/line/hangers (A MUST)
34. Coleman’s Pump Repair Kit
35. Tuna Fish (in oil)
36. Fire Extinguishers (or..large box of Baking Soda in every room)
37. First aid kits
38. Batteries (all sizes…buy furthest-out for Expiration Dates)
39. Garlic, spices & vinegar, baking supplies
40. Big Dogs (and plenty of dog food)
41. Flour, yeast & salt
42. Matches. {“Strike Anywhere” preferred.) Boxed, wooden matches will go first
43. Writing paper/pads/pencils, solar calculators
44. Insulated ice chests (good for keeping items from freezing in Wintertime.)
45. Heavy Duty Work Boots, belts, Levis & durable shirts
46. Flashlights/LIGHTSTICKS & torches, “No. 76 Dietz” Lanterns
47. Journals, Diaries & Scrapbooks (jot down ideas, feelings, experience; Historic Times)
48. Garbage cans Plastic (great for storage, water, transporting – if with wheels)
49. Men’s Hygiene: Shampoo, Toothbrush/paste, Mouthwash/floss, nail clippers, etc
50. Cast iron cookware (sturdy, efficient)
51. Fishing supplies/tools
52. Mosquito coils/repellent, sprays/creams
53. Duct Tape
54. Tarps/stakes/twine/nails/rope/spikes
55. Candles
56. Laundry Detergent (liquid)
57. Backpacks, Duffel Bags
58. Garden tools & supplies
59. Scissors, fabrics & sewing supplies
60. Canned Fruits, Veggies, Soups, stews, etc.
61. Bleach (plain, NOT scented: 4 to 6% sodium hypochlorite)
62. Canning supplies, (Jars/lids/wax)
63. Knives & Sharpening tools: files, stones, steel
64. Bicycles…Tires/tubes/pumps/chains, etc
65. Sleeping Bags & blankets/pillows/mats
66. Carbon Monoxide Alarm (battery powered)
67. Board Games, Cards, Dice
68. d-con Rat poison, MOUSE PRUFE II, Roach Killer
69. Mousetraps, Ant traps & cockroach magnets
70. Paper plates/cups/utensils (stock up, folks)
71. Baby wipes, oils, waterless & Antibacterial soap (saves a lot of water)
72. Rain gear, rubberized boots, etc.
73. Shaving supplies (razors & creams, talc, after shave)
74. Hand pumps & siphons (for water and for fuels)
75. Soysauce, vinegar, bullions/gravy/soupbase
76. Reading glasses
77. Chocolate/Cocoa/Tang/Punch (water enhancers)
78. “Survival-in-a-Can
79. Woolen clothing: socks, scarves/ear-muffs/mittens
80. Boy Scout Handbook, / also Leaders Catalog
81. Roll-on Window Insulation Kit (MANCO)
82. Graham crackers, saltines, pretzels, Trail mix/Jerky
83. Popcorn, Peanut Butter, Nuts
84. Socks, Underwear, T-shirts, etc. (extras)
85. Lumber (all types)
86. Wagons & utility carts (for transport to and from)
87. Cots & Inflatable mattress’s
88. Gloves: Work/warming/gardening, etc.
89. Lantern Hangers
90. Screen Patches, glue, nails, screws, nuts & bolts
91. Teas
92. Coffee
93. Cigarettes
94. Wine/Liquors (for bribes, medicinal, etc,)
95. Paraffin Wax
96. Chickens
97. Chewing gum/candies
98. Atomizers (for cooling/bathing)
99. Hats & cotton neckerchiefs
100. Livestock

[Thanks to The Bacon Report for this list]

End of the World Survival Guide

17 Apr 2012 / 0 Comments / in Survival Guides