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How to be a Ninja / Assassin

Here are a list of great useful/affordable tools and items for you to become one badass ninja/assassin that can kill anyone! haha. Enjoy! ^^

1. Black Ninja Folding Grappling Hook W/ 33 Foot Rope by Sword Demon

2. 36″ Avenger .40c Blowgun with Darts Lifetime Mfg Warranty & Made in America by Avenger

3. Cyclone Folder by Victor Lee – Polished Finish by Master Cutlery

4. Twin Ninja Sword Set by ACE

5. Ninja Caltrops by Heavenlyswords

621 Inch Sai Set – Chrome by ACE

Don’t forget to check out other survival items/necessities from my other lists.

You won’t be a true ninja unless you can move like one. So checkout this workout by Sincere. :)

Sincere’s Ninja Assassin – New Warrior Inspired Workout:

- Perform Workout A on 3 non-consecutive days per week (i.e. M, F)
– Perform Workout B on 2 non-consecutive days per week (i.e. Tu, Thurs)
– Perform 1 Active Rest activity 1-2 times a week (i.e. Wed, Sun)

Be sure to warm up & cool down 5-10 min before and after each workout.


Workout A:

Perform each exercise for 1 min. each w/no rest between all 5 exercises. Once you’ve completed all 5 exercises, rest for 90 sec & repeat. Perform 5 rounds.

1. Kettlebell or dumb bell swings

2. Fast Step Ups (Quickly run up and down, in place, on 1 stair step or a curb. Move your arms as you run in place)

3. Dips (for the more advanced: Plyo Dips)

4. Kettlebell or Dumb bell Farmers Walk (use stairs/football field/track/perimeter of backyard, hills, etc.)
(Keep your shoulders pulled down and pulled bacxk, as you farmer’s walk. Also, keep your abs engageds, and your steps shorts and quick)

5. Static Leg Lift 
(lie flat on the floor w/hands flat on the floor, near your butt. With both legs together, lift your legs a couple of inches off the floor, while engaging your abs/squeezing your butt/ & keeping your lower back and shoulders on the floor. Do not hold your breath!


Workout B: Choose 1

1. Sprints (Stairs, Track, Football Field, Hills) x 1 min x 2 min rest x 10 rounds
2. Jump Rope Skipping + Shadow Boxing: Skip Rope x 1 min/ Shadowbox x 1 min/ Rest x 1 min x 20 min.


Active Rest & Recovery Activities: Choose 1

1. Walking on various surfaces x 45-60 min

2. Yoga/Pilates

3. Tai Chi or Qi Gong

4. Dancing

5. Massage x 60-120 min

Rain’s training video and clips