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Mossberg Tactical .22 Accessories and Setup

07 May 2012 / 0 Comments / in Survival Gear, Weapons
My Mossberg Tactical .22 Rifle

My Mossberg Tactical .22 Rifle

How to make your AR Style Tactical Rifle more intimidating

I recently purchased a Mossberg Tactical .22 rifle as my backup weapon for survival. It is a small caliber long range rifle good for hunting small game and also can deter bad guys if needed. Definitely not a bad choice and better in a stealth survival situation especially when equipped with subsonic ammo. And speaking of ammo, .22LR ammo is uber cheap so you can have lots of fun at the gun range. ^__^


Mossberg Tactical 22 accessories

Mossberg Tactical 22 accessories

A bunch of my friends have been asking about my rifle setup and wondering how much it costs to get it the way it looks. So I decided to list all the add-ons I have on it. If you own an AR Style Rifle here is my list to making it look more badass or as they call it more “Tacti-COOL“. ^__^

Bushnell Banner 3-9x40mm Rifle Scope w/ 6″ Relief $76.64
UTG Max Strength Quick Detach Picatinny 1″ Rings $19.31
UTG Deluxe Foregrip $12.08
UTG Tactical LED Flashlight with Red laser $59.86
UTG Tactical SWAT/Combat Bipod $29.95
Condor 42″ Rifle Case Tan $66.95

So for under $300 you can get your Rifle looking pretty sweet. Here are some pics of my setup. One of my favorite purchases though is definitely the Condor 42″ Rifle case/bag. I love the MOLLE attachments. :)


Mossberg Tactical 22 with Accessories

Mossberg Tactical 22 with Rifle Scope

Mossberg Tactical 22 with Flashlight and Red Laser

Mossberg Tactical 22 barrel

Mossberg Tactical 22 in Condor 42" Rifle Case

Fits Perfectly even with Rifle Scope attached

Condor 42" Rifle Case with Accessories

Accessories fit perfectly in MOLLE attachment bags

Condor 42" Rifle Case MOLLE Attachments

MOLLE Attachments come off

Condor 42" Rifle Case