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How to be a Ninja / Assassin

Here are a list of great useful/affordable tools and items for you to become one badass ninja/assassin that can kill anyone! haha. Enjoy! ^^

1. Black Ninja Folding Grappling Hook W/ 33 Foot Rope by Sword Demon

2. 36″ Avenger .40c Blowgun with Darts Lifetime Mfg Warranty & Made in America by Avenger

3. Cyclone Folder by Victor Lee – Polished Finish by Master Cutlery

4. Twin Ninja Sword Set by ACE

5. Ninja Caltrops by Heavenlyswords

621 Inch Sai Set – Chrome by ACE

Don’t forget to check out other survival items/necessities from my other lists.

You won’t be a true ninja unless you can move like one. So checkout this workout by Sincere. :)

Sincere’s Ninja Assassin – New Warrior Inspired Workout:

- Perform Workout A on 3 non-consecutive days per week (i.e. M, F)
– Perform Workout B on 2 non-consecutive days per week (i.e. Tu, Thurs)
– Perform 1 Active Rest activity 1-2 times a week (i.e. Wed, Sun)

Be sure to warm up & cool down 5-10 min before and after each workout.


Workout A:

Perform each exercise for 1 min. each w/no rest between all 5 exercises. Once you’ve completed all 5 exercises, rest for 90 sec & repeat. Perform 5 rounds.

1. Kettlebell or dumb bell swings

2. Fast Step Ups (Quickly run up and down, in place, on 1 stair step or a curb. Move your arms as you run in place)

3. Dips (for the more advanced: Plyo Dips)

4. Kettlebell or Dumb bell Farmers Walk (use stairs/football field/track/perimeter of backyard, hills, etc.)
(Keep your shoulders pulled down and pulled bacxk, as you farmer’s walk. Also, keep your abs engageds, and your steps shorts and quick)

5. Static Leg Lift 
(lie flat on the floor w/hands flat on the floor, near your butt. With both legs together, lift your legs a couple of inches off the floor, while engaging your abs/squeezing your butt/ & keeping your lower back and shoulders on the floor. Do not hold your breath!


Workout B: Choose 1

1. Sprints (Stairs, Track, Football Field, Hills) x 1 min x 2 min rest x 10 rounds
2. Jump Rope Skipping + Shadow Boxing: Skip Rope x 1 min/ Shadowbox x 1 min/ Rest x 1 min x 20 min.


Active Rest & Recovery Activities: Choose 1

1. Walking on various surfaces x 45-60 min

2. Yoga/Pilates

3. Tai Chi or Qi Gong

4. Dancing

5. Massage x 60-120 min

Rain’s training video and clips

Zombie Tools New Blades – The Felon and Bone Machete 2012


Zombie Tools New Blades – The Felon and Bone Machete 2012

Zombie Tools releases new blades before the zombie Apocalypse. Are you ready for the fight? You can check out previous blades I posted about here. Enjoy! ^^

The Felon


Product Description:

In 1832, on a sandbar in a Louisiana slough, Jim Bowie brought a knife to a gunfight. Fortunately, it wasn’t just any knife, and Jim wasn’t just any man. Although shot, stabbed and pistol whipped by his foes, Jim used this knife of his own design to gut one man and slash a chunk from the arm of another, and lived to tell the tale. Jim would finally meet his end, overwhelmed by hordes while defending the Alamo. But the knife, which the world would come to know as “the Bowie”, would live on, becoming America’s most famous contribution to edged combat.

The ZT Felon is our homage to the badassery of big Jim Bowie and the American knifemaking tradition. In typical ZT style, it’s a big fucking chunk of steel, 20-inches long with a 12-inch edge, the classic clip tip with false edge, and a handle big enough for a gorilla’s grip. At 2 pounds weight and a quarter-inch thick, the blade is heavy enough for a vicious slash, but long enough for classic cut-and-thrust swordplay. It even has a hammer point along the spine for working through a tough chunk of wood or the sinews of a unicorn. Be warned that wielding this knife will land you in the houscow in several Southern states (careful where you carry, Texans), but come the apocalypse, the Felon makes its own law.

Total Length 19.5in (.50m)   Blade/Handle Length 12.75in/6.5in (.32m/.17m)   Usable Grip Size 4.75in (.12m)
Steel Width 0.25in (6.4mm)  Weight 2lbs 2oz (.96kg)

Price $249.95US

Bone Machete 2012


Product Description:

Now here’s some cleavage to make all the boys stand up and salute! Our latest nut-busting machete has a 17-inch cleaver edge with a weighted chisel tip that produces a chop that just won’t stop. The new handle design has a partial handguard that drops down from the full-tang blade, protecting your hand from all manner of ill-fortune you might find in the fray. The non-bevel portion of the blade bears the random patterns imbued by Loki during the heat-treating process (which gives our 5160 steel a Rockwell hardness of 53), and the entire blade is bathed in the purest evil (commonly known as ferric chloride acid, flavored with the pan drippings from the ZT Thrive Couch). Comes with sheath and leather-wrapped grip and the self-satisfaction of owning an entirely American-sourced piece of gear, made by Montana’s finest metal miscreants.

Total Length 25in (.64m)   Blade/Handle Length 17.5in/7.5in (.44m/.19m)   Usable Grip Size 4in (.1m)
Steel Width 0.204in (5.2mm)  Weight 2lbs 4oz (1.2kg)

Price $289.95US

Shop for other  Zombie Tools at

Father’s Day Toys 2012

Father's Day 2012 Gifts crossbow, knife, axe

Night Stalkers Don’t Quit

Some gifts from my wife and kid on Father’s Day 2012. You can never have too many survival tools. :D

Avalanche Cobra System Mini Crossbow, United Cutlery SOA Nightstalkers Bowie Knife, and United Cutlery M48 Kommando Tactical Axe.

Badass Apocalypse Survival Gift Ideas for a Warrior Dad

Badass Survival Gifts for a Warrior Dad

Will your daddy be ready for the Apocalypse?

Hey guys. Since Father’s Day June 17th, 2012 is coming up real soon I figured I’d put together a list of affordable gift ideas for Dad. If you have those Mack Daddy-O Dad’s that love survival gear, weapons, zombies, apocalypse etc.. Here is a list of items that I personally think are badass. Your father or husband will feel like a warrior when they open these gifts. RAWR! ^__^




80lb Cobra System Self Cocking Crossbow

The Avalanche® Self-Cocking Cobra Crossbow system will streak a steel-tipped bolt more than 160 FPS! Best of all, it’s self-cocking. No more contortions or pulled muscles from the 80-lb. draw weight of this beast. Just pivot the arming lever and the heavy-gauge slide and bow cable cocks itself – engaging the automatic safety at the same time. Sighting, windage and elevation wheels click tune for accuracy. It launches bolts more than 100 yards! Fiber-graphite limbs, die-cast alloy and solid brass. Measures approximately 18″ x 6″, with three 6″ aluminum arrows. $27.96 at


Shanghai Surprise 2 PC Sword Set

Shanghai Surprise 2 PC Sword Set

Perfect for lopping off zombie heads. This 2-piece set of 26″ swords would be the perfect siblings to your twin Kukhris. Strap on the shoulder strap nylon sheath and take these blades wherever you go. Handles are cord wrapped for comfort and grip. 26″ overall. 15 1/2″ blade. $29.99 at (MSRP $53.00)



M48 Kommando™ Tactical Walking Axe

The M48 Survival Axe is the perfect companion for hiking and camping. With a 37″ overall length, it’s great as a walking staff while camping. A cast 2Cr13 stainless steel blade is razor-sharp and can chop through saplings with ease. A 30% fiberglass handle is nearly indestructible and the axe head is attached to it with three separate metal bolts. Includes a snap-on rubberize blade cover for when not in use for cutting. $69.99 at (MSRP $127.00)


Shinwa Katana Damascus Steel

Shinwa Katana Damascus Steel Shinwa Katana Damascus Steel

Shinwa Black Knight Black Cord Damascus Ninja Katana Sword

This excellent sword from Shinwa offers a 28 1/8” blade that has been folded to deliver 2000 layers of outstanding cutting power. Features real Damascus steel with a heat-treated black finish and is built to perform with a razor sharp edge. Measuring 40” overall, this piece features a hardwood handle that is wrapped with genuine ray skin and nylon cord. Includes coordinating hardwood sheath. $99.98 at (MSRP $189.99)


Voodoo Level III Assault Pack Black

Voodoo Level III Assault Pack Olive Drab

Voodoo Level III Assault Pack

One of Voodoo Tactical’s most popular designs, compact enough to take everywhere, expandable to carry the goods, this pack will do it all. It features a molded comfort back panel that provides semi rigid, custom fitting support for maximum performance. It also features adjustable padded shoulder straps with a sternum cinch and adjustable waist belt, insuring this pack will stay with you and balance the load even in the most rugged conditions. The adjustable cinch down, expandable side and top straps allow you to compress or expand depending on the load. The multiple outer pockets allow you to organize and separate. This is the perfect weekend warrior/daypack, made to rugged military standards with lots of MOLLE straps to add on whatever you need. Hydration and laptop compatible. Measures 10″L x 10″W x 18″H. $74.99 at


Ridge Runner 12 Piece Throwing Knife Set

Ridge Runner 12 Piece Throwing Knife Set

Balanced to perfection and ready to sail through the air with ease! This twelve-piece set is constructed from stainless steel with unique wrapped grips and open hole pommels with red ribbon accents. Includes a durable nylon sheath with two Velcro straps so that you can carry it on your leg or arm. Sheath holds all twelve throwers. Each thrower is 6 1/8″ overall. Ridge Runner, RR534 $14.98 at (MSRP $25.00)

DIY Pre Post Apocalypse Survival Kit Backpack

The Book of Eli — Denzel Washington

The Book of Eli — Denzel Washington — I Wonder what kind of goodies are in his backpack? LOLz

I know I talk a lot about zombie survival, alien invasions and other crazy Apocalyptic scenarios, but most of that is to keep a somewhat serious topic (human survival) to more of a fun level. I think we all know though the possibilities of a complete collapse of civilization. An Apocalypse that would be caused by none other than us humans (nuclear warfare, viral epidemic… etc.) It would be an era of survivors vs other survivors. The “haves” and the “have-nots”. If you have something someone else wants desperately, they will fight for it, or even kill for it. So you will need to be prepared. The truth is that if you are more prepared than your opponent then you’ll have a bigger chance to win and survive another day.

So I’ve decided to share a list of items I have in my personal Post Apocalypse survival kit. A survival kit you can simply put together yourself and may already have a few of the items in your home. Some other items may take a little time to acquire but is worth having on the list. Trust me on it. ^__^

A few other tips to add: build a team (this is not a movie where you kick everyone’s ass on your own), stay in shape (nobody will turn away a strong arm and useful pair of legs), learn survival skills (like making a fire, nobody will invest in someone without any skills), learn to think critically and tactically (Stay sharp). Try to go camping or hiking every so often, to test your skills of survival in the wilderness.

DIY Pre Post Apocalypse Survival Kit List

  • A Medium Sized Duffle Bag or Survival Backpack: To hold all the contents I’m about to list so you can just grab and go if needed.
  • A Metal Container or Survival Tin: Those Maxwell House gourmet coffee tins work. The container should be metal so it can be used to heat water over a campfire. You can also store your smaller items in it.
  • Duct TapeIt’s waterproof and can hold almost anything together. It can help you build many functional things as shown on Mythbusters. ^__^ Duct tape also works great when you don’t have a triangular bandage: it holds on dressings, works well for fastening a splint, etc.
  • Emergency Blanket (Thermal blankets): These are those little aluminium- looking blankets you can buy at any camping store. They are good for making into an emergency shelter, keeps you warm, and is reflective (i.e. can be spotted from aircraft…. if you want to be found).
  • Paracord Rope: For tying things down, lashing tents, and tying up bad guys.
  • Waterproof Matches (stormproof matches): For starting fires, of course!
  • Fire Starter Kit (Flint Striker): Also for starting fires!
  • Survival Knife: A blade always comes in handy! For cutting branches or defending yourself.
  • LED Flash Light: Make sure to have some extra batteries.
  • Candle Stub: Makes a great fire starter, and can keep you warm in an enclosed space if you can’t light a fire.
  • Band-aids: Always have one or two (or three or four…)
  • Energy Bars (food ration): Have a couple in your kit for backup if your food source is running low and you need that extra energy.
  • Survival Water: So you can drink when you’re thirsty. A person should have at least 1 gallon of water per day. So finding water is your 1st priority!
  • Large Safety Pins or Fish Hooks: for fishing
  • Small Safety Pins: Good for holding slings together, etc.
  • Fishing Line: To use with fish hook for fishing, or to make into snares for animals.
  • Piece of Crayon: Will act as a fire starter
  • Baking Soda: A little of this mixed with water will help rehydrate a dehydrated person; mixed into a thick paste it helps on mosquito bites and bee stings.
  • Rubber Gloves: Anytime you’re administering first aid to someone, you should wear gloves!
  • Antiseptic Wipes: To clean out cuts etc.
  • First Aid Gauze: For any larger cuts.
  • Tinfoil: Can be used in lieu of a mirror to signal planes or boats, and takes up less space. Can also be modified into a water carrier if needed.
  • Water Purifying Tablets: These will help purify your drinking water… check their expiry date, most tablets are only good for a year or so once the bottle’s been opened.

Keep in mind that this survival kit list is for last minute emergency situations. Something easy enough so you can grab and go and is your life support till you find new resources. I would recommend you make a survival kit for each member of your family just to be extra safe. Best of luck and I hope you never need to use it. ^__^

Example of Emergency Grab-n-go Survival Backpack

Example of Emergency Grab-n-go Survival Backpack

They also have some premade survival kits and survival backpacks if that makes it easier for you. You can see some of them here.

For a more extensive list of survival items. You can checkout my Post Apocalypse Survival Checklist.

Credit for some items on this list goes to: Dragon’s Guiding Resource Center

My Top 10 Survival Knives

Survival Knives

Probably the single most important tool you should have in your survival gear is a knife. And not any ordinary knife. I’m talking bout a heavy duty blade with a tang that extends into the handle. Made from high quality stainless or carbon steel. A good knife blade should have some thickness to it and not flex and should make you feel like a Bad-Ass when you’re holding it. ^__^

With a good survival knife you can cut tree limbs to start a fire, use for constructing shelter, prepare game that you have caught and most importantly defend yourself from enemies. Is probably why we’ve been using knife-like tools since the Stone age roughly 2 and a half million years or so. haha.

SOG F03T-N Jungle Primitive

SOG F03T-N Jungle Primitive

Here are my Top 10 survival Knives:

1. Smith & Wesson SW3B Special Ops M-9 Bayonet Special Force Knife, Black

2. KA-BAR Full Size US Marine Corp Fighting Knife, Straight

3. United Cutlery Combat Commander Boot Knife with Shoulder Sheath, Black

4. Smith & Wesson CKSURG Homeland Security Tanto Knife, Green

5. Ka-Bar 2-1245-1 Black Tanto Knife

6. Smith & Wesson CKSUR1 Bullseye Search and Rescue Fixed Blade Knife

7. Gerber 31-000751 Bear Grylls Survival Series Ultimate Knife, Serrated Edge

8. Ka-Bar Black Kukri Machete

9. SOG Specialty Knives & Tools F03T-N Jungle Primitive, Black Hardcased

10. Gerber 31-000698 Bear Grylls Survival Series Parang, With Nylon Sheath